Why this workshop?

So what is an Avatar? 

An Avatar is a fictitious representation of who your perfect customer is. Instead of targeting an audience based on demographics, we target an Avatar based on objections, challenges, pain points, and needs. Crafting your Avatar will allow you to identify how, when, and where you are going to communicate with them to present your product or service. But defining an Avatar, and identifying their challenges and pain points was not enough, there is something missing that most companies fail to target. 

There had to be another ingredient that made the whole Avatar concept click. And that is Empathy. So I put together Avatar and Empathy and coined the word Avathy. 

Now, Avathy is the process of decoding and understanding who your optimal client is, so you can clearly craft your story and deliver the perfect message to an eager and willing buyer. Now this course will empower you to sell and promote your product or services with extreme precision through a step-by-step process that will identify your optimal selling audience.

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